About project

Cellulose can be extracted from renewable lignocellulosic sources, namely wood and non-wood plants such as sisal and cotton and many others. Nano-sized cellulose particles (nanocelluloses) are prepared by mechanical and/or chemical treatments from wood/plant fibers. Nanocelluloses are safe, biodegradable, ultra-strong, durable and suitable for novel functional applications. They can be used as, e.g., nano-structured coatings in novel functional products to improve durability and sustainability.

These new applications have the capacity to improve the competitiveness of the European industry. However, it is necessary to develop further processes and technologies for the production of nanomaterials.

Main objectives

SutCo, Surface treatment Concept, is a pilot-scale surface treatment and coating line located at VTT in Espoo, Finland. It is a versatile research equipment that is used as an open access pilot facility for research and product development.


The work is divided into four technical sections

The economic feasibility, safety and environmental acceptability of the demonstrations are evaluated with a sustainability assessment. The demonstrations will be compared to current and/or equivalent products, and this requires knowledge about the improved product performance. The scientific and technical results of the project will be widely disseminated, and they can be exploited for development of existing manufacturing lines.

Besides the application areas listed in the workplan, the NanoTextSurf partners have recognized additional markets, such as hospital textiles, industrial wipes, air purification filters and food packaging materials for nanocoated web materials. 

What we do

Cast coating


Foam coating


Screen printing